The availability of the new RTX 3000 is currently very limited. We have an order for 200 pieces of each from our suppliers, which has been in progress since the end of September.


We try to be as transparent as possible in this particular period. We communicate mainly on Facebook (en French).

[New] 08.02.2021:





Planned deliveries

In order to be the most transparent with you, here is the number of people currently in each queue, as well as the delivery times currently indicated by our suppliers:

Card model People currently in queue Next delivery announced by our suppliers
RTX 3090 8 Mid/end of February 2021
RTX 3080 23 End of February 2021
RTX 3070 12 Mid/end of February 2021
RTX 3060 Ti 10 Mid/end of February 2021

Updated on: 08 February 2021 at 11:52 am

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot list the details of the queue here. Feel free to contact us by email or on WhatsApp to find out your exact position in the queue!

Please note that these deadlines are indicated by our suppliers, so we cannot guarantee them, as they do not depend on us.

Should I still order a PC?

If you want the best on the market and you don't need a computer in the next few days, we recommend these RTX 3000. Indeed, even if their availability is low, they are the best graphics cards available on the market, and they are worth the wait!

First in, first out

In view of the situation, we are obliged to apply a "first in, first out" queue. The cards already received have been used in the PCs of the very first customers who ordered, and the next ones will be used for those who come right after. When you place an order, you are automatically added to the waiting list that we have internally, in order to offer a fair and equitable system.

Note that the case of PCs with custom watercooling is different: there is a waiting list for "normal" PCs, and a waiting list for PCs with custom watercooling.

Global shortage

Not being able to obtain these cards is not only restricted to Our Swiss and international competitors face the same problem. The RTX 3000 had been promised by Nvidia and the suppliers for their releases, but they are only just arriving, both at Swiss and foreign merchants. So we can't even supply ourselves in other countries, because the concern is the same there.

Grey market

There are ways to get these cards on the gray market, for a much higher price than the selling price indicated by Nvidia, but we are not interested in this solution. At issue is the fact that this is an unofficial, grey market, but also the simple fact that it would mean drastically increasing the prices of our PCs.

Moreover, the technique which consists, for a private individual or a company, to quickly buy the little stock available to resell it then very expensive is not authorized by Nvidia, and we do not wish to contribute to this practice.

We are very sorry for this situation, over which we unfortunately have no control. We invite you to come back regularly to visit this page, which will be updated as soon as new information is provided.