Pay your order in three monthly installments offers you a payment in three monthly installments, for more flexibility!

How's it going?

A contract is made between you and In addition to this contract, we need a blank extract from the Debt Enforcement Office. Rest assured, this extract is in no way shared or resold to third parties.

1) You place an order for the PC and/or peripherals of your choice.
2) You choose "Pay by bank transfer in three monthly installments" as your payment method.
3) We send you the sales contract with payment in monthly installments.
4) You return the signed contract to us with an up-to-date extract from the Debt Enforcement Office.
5) We start preparing your order as soon as we receive the first monthly payment!

Financing table

The table below describes the amount to be paid, each month and for three months, for an order of a given amount. This table includes the application fee, which is explained at the bottom of the page.

Administrative fees

The handling fee is 3% of the total order. As an example, for an order of CHF 1500, the fee is CHF 45, for a total of CHF 1545. This total is then divided into three monthly instalments of CHF 515.