About us


Each computer we build is unique. No mass production here, only hand-built PCs, made by a passionate technician. And this makes us completely different. We create your computer with unique knowledge, focusing only on your machine. You aren’t just a number : we build one computer at a time, to focus on your project and to give you an exceptional result. Keeping a critical eye on each of our machines, we offer you a quality unmatched in Switzerland.

Flawless cable management, perfectly handled cooling and thoughtful designs are just some of the key points to our success in the world of high-end computers..

What makes us unique

Unique and hand-built computers

Swiss made computers

State-of-the-art PCs

Swiss experts, speaking English, French and German

Installation of the latest versions of Windows 10

Computers custom-made for each customer

24-hours testing before shipping

Quick and safe shipping with Swiss Post